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Half a year with Photo Canarias Workshop in Fuerteventura

Half a year with Photo Canarias Workshop in Fuerteventura

We would like to take advantage of the first calm days after a great summer to spend few words about the first months teaching photography in Fuerteventura during the landscape Photo Workshop with Photo Canarias.
Since we started this new project we literally didn’t have the time to stop and reflect on how the things were going on. We started with a lot of ideas and enthusiasm but without any expetation.
Some numbers: since the first workshop we had in Easter (april 2012) we had the pleasure to have about 50 guests from different countries who decided to spend their holidays joining a Photo Workshop in Fuerteventura.
These numbers for us are great and, besides being very satisfied with our work, we are happy and emotioned, we would say, to have had the chance to meet so many great people with our same passion for photography, nature and just wandering around in the search of the perfect light.
Some guests came as client but they left as real friend.

The feedback we had have been very positive, our guests after a week attending a Photo Workshop in Fuerteventura left with a lifetme experience in their pocket and also with some great shots in their hard disk!
What we considered an experiment is now a reality that we definetely want to carry on more and more.
We are working on some new routes and some new offers for the new year, so stay tuned on our website or on our facebook page to be informed!

The “formula” of Photo Canarias – Photo Workshop and Photographic Tour in Fuerteventura will be the same: everyday we will bring our guests in the discovery of the most scenic locations of the Island of Fuerteventura, “following the best light”, waiting for the best moment to take amazing pictures! All this, accompained by two passionate and enthusiastic professional photographers who want to share their experience with you!
So, in the end, thank you to make us love our job everyday more.
See you soon in Fuerteventura!

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