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Shooting landscape photography at El Cotillo (Fuerteventura)

Shooting landscape photography at El Cotillo (Fuerteventura)

During the landscape photography workshops organized by Photo Canarias a classic trip is represented by the characteristic fishing village of El Cotillo.
El Cotillo is situated on the north west coast of the Island of Fuerteventura and photographically speaking it offers a lot of opportunities to take catchy and interesting shots.
This is meant to be a small guide for photoghraphers that are visiting the island of Fuerteventura to get the most from their photos.
Driving by car, when you get to El Cotillo there are two possibilities: going north to “Los Lagos” or heading south towards the surfers beach.

El Cotillo North
Continuing driving north after entering the village there will be found white sand beaches that meet torquoise lagoon of calm and clear water perfect for a safe and relaxing swim. The powerful waves of the Atlantic ocean break in fact a bit further out the bay against some rocks.
The best moment to shoot a good picture at Los Lagos (this is the local name of these beaches) it’s during the first hours of the day when you can find the all beaches completely empty and with the pattern on sand completely untouched.
From here, it’s possibile to drive a bit more north until the lighthouse.
Even during a calm summer day in the nearby water there are strong corrents and big waves because this is the meeting point of the water of the north coast and of the west.
From the lighthouse it starts the famous north shore of Fuerteventura, a 20 kms long dirty road winding between sand dunes, black rocks and volcanic cones.
In winter time this is Fuerteventura surfers’ playground where is possibile to shoot big waves ridden by surfers for all over the world.

El Cotillo South
Arriving at El Cotillo village from El Roque you have to take the dirty road on the left.
After few meter you will arrive at an old tower on the top of the cliff from where it’s possibile to have the first look at the beautiful surf beach of El Cotillo.
Stretching south for almost 1 km, the beach of El Cotillo is one of the most famous and scenic scenery of the island of Fuerteventura.
Costantly beaten by powerful waves, that especially in winter can be 4-5 meters high, it’s a place worth to be shoot at any hours of the day (and night).
At sunrise the sun blinks from the mountains at the back of the beach, after few hours it gives its best showing the best color of the water and at sunrise, this beach is the best place to take classic sunset pictures.
During the Photo Canarias photo workshop, we study the tide charts and we try to be ready to shoot with the light of the sunrise when, if the tide is low, it’s the perfect moment to take nice photos of colored sky and clouds reflected in the small pools of water on the beach.
We like to indulge even after the sunset.
One of the most common mistake in sunset photography is to pack all the equipment right after the sun goes down. Being patient (and also lucky) and using a tripod with a long exposure set it’s possibile to get the most beutiful colors of the sky that our eyes can’t normally see.

Photo Canarias tips to get the most from your shooting at El Cotillo
Our photographers recommend: a wide angle lens, a tripod for long exposure shots after the sunset, graduated neutral density filters.

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