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Why a landscape photography workshop in Fuerteventura?

Why a landscape photography workshop in Fuerteventura?

Why a landscape photography workshop in Fuerteventura?
It’s already been two months since when the Photo Canarias landscape photography workshop started and the questions we always have been asked are always the same: why did you choose to start doing landscape photography workshop in Fuerteventura?

We could answer many things, we love the island, it’s just beautiful and magical but the main reasons are: the geographical position, the mild climate all year long, the easy and cheap accessibility from all over Europe and in the end (but most important) the huge variety of landscapes that Fuerteventura has to offer to photographers of any level.

Geographical Position and Climate in Fuerteventura
Fuerteventura is 90 kms off the coast of Morocco, in front of the Sahara desert, a bit more north of the Tropic of Cancer (Fuerteventura is at the same latitude of Florida, Bahamas, Bermuda, Carrabean and Hawaii).
Its’ positon is the main cause of its dry and mild climate all over the year. The temperature never goes below 15 degree (60 Fahrenheit) and even in summer time the temperature in Fuerteventura rarely goes over 30 degrees (85 Fahrenheit)
A second good factor that makes Fuerteventura ideal for a landscape photography workshop is that the sky is always clear and blue. It rains around 10 days a year and always short showers at night.

How to get to Fuerteventura
Fuerteventura is connected to most of European capital by low cost flight company as Easy Jet and Ryan Air.
If you avoid the very high season (the very high season in Fuerteventura is August, Christmas and Easter) a flight from London or Berlin doesn’t cost more than 100 euro (round).
For the more adventurous with more time, it’s possible to get to Fuerteventura by boat from Spain or Portugal.It takes almost two days.

Fuerteventura Landscapes
Ok, we have said that the climate in Fuerteventura is good and nice through all the year, the light is clear due to the absence of pollution….but now we have to speak about landscape photography!
What are the best landscapes for photographer in Fuerteventura?
Stay tuned on Photo Canarias blog, becaus ein the next week we will post the descriptions of the best landscapes of the Island of Fuerteventura, from the sand dunes of Corralejo to the Jandia Peninsula down south…how to get there and what’s the best light to shoot each spot.

An idea of what we have been doing lately duriung out workshop on the island can be given by this nice video our frond from Element01 made for us.
Enjoy it!

Saludos from Fuerteventura.
Photo Canarias Team


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