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The magic of Fuerteventura in 20 shots

The magic of Fuerteventura in 20 shots

To give justice to the beauty of the Island of Fuerteventura, theater of Photo Canarias landscape photo workshop, a thousands words wouldn’t be able to express it.
We might try to describe the sunrise golden light reflecting in the still water in front of Lobos Island, or the pattern drawn by the wind on the sand dunes at sunset or again the color of the sky fading from yellow to orange and finally blending into pink in such an incredibile and secluded place like the endless beach of Cofete. We might try, but we won’t be successfull. In the end, we are photographers, not poets.
In order to try to transmit something of this magic and poetry we have put together a gallery with the best shots of the last workshop.
We were lucky: we had beautiful light, good sunny days with “interesting” clouds cruising through the blue sky and fantastic guests that once again made our photo workshop an unforgettable experience for us as well!
Thanx to you all!

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