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“Everything started a late afternoon of the last summer. It was one of those where the sunset light can hardly make it through the hot and misty air and the volcanoes are just blurred shapes merged in the golden light. We were driving home after a day shooting south, both taken and lost in the perfection of the moment. In between two songs, the idea of doing photography workshops in Fuerteventura…”

Photo Canarias was born at the end of summer 2011 from the passion and work of two entusiasthic freelance photographers: Emanuele Reguzzoni and Mauro Ladu. In 2018 Andrea Rubbo joined the group.

Emanuele Reguzzoni

Emanuele Reguzzoni, was born on March 6th, 1976 in Busto Arsizio, near Milan. In 2001, as Erasmus student, he lived in Prague for one year where he discovered his passion for photography.

Graduated in architecture at Politecnico di Milano and then in photography at Bauer, he shoots reportage, portraits, travel and landscapes. He works as a freelance and lives between Italy and the Canary Islands.

Mauro Ladu

Mauro Ladu was born on May 31st, 1979 in Busto Arsizio, near Milan. Passionate traveller and surfer, he has explored a good part of the globe with his camera.

From 2010 he lives in Fuerteventura (Canaries) where he works as freelance photographer and videographer. His travel and surf pictures are regularly published worldwide. Outdoors, landscapes and action are what he likes to shoot the most.

Andrea Rubbo

Andrea Rubbo Andrea Rubbo was born in Rome on November 25 1977. He inherits his passion for photography from his dad, passion which he then feeds by attending several classes and workshops in photography–specifically reportage. He spends his youth in Rome where he works as an audio engineer and photographer.

In 2015 he moves to Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) where photography takes centre stage in his professional profile. At present he works freelance as a photographer as well as video maker. His specialities are reportages, with special emphasis on sport–surf above all–and landscapes. He is always looking for the perfect snapshot.

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